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Earth Colors Collection Brazilian Cherries Pottery Diffuser


Fragrance pottery cherries with your favorite Acqua Aroma Refresher Oil. (Refresher Oil not included)

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The Brazilian Cherries Bowl is inspired by the round shape and curved form of the Brazilian fruit Pitanga, native to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Pitanga is a bittersweet red berry with juicy flesh and a bold fragrance.

Designed by artist Selma Calheira, these exclusive pieces are handcrafted by artisans originating from the small town of Ibirataia in Bahia, Brazil. The unique technique used for creating, molding, and burning these cherries derived from ancient practices belonging to Brazilian indigenous traditions.

All pieces are handcrafted with 100% natural clay gathered from different regions in Brazil. The Earth Colors Collection Diffusers’ ceramic allows for a high-rate of fragrance permeation and scent delivery.

Fragrance the pottery cherries with your favorite Acqua Aroma Refresher Oil. (Refresher Oil not included).

Made with high-performance fine fragrances and the best raw materials, Acqua Aroma products are of superior quality providing a pleasant and comfortable scent.

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Weight .09259 lbs
Dimensions 5.7097 × 2.3622 × 5.9055 in


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